Here are some of our frequently asked questions. If the answer you are looking for does not appear here, please contact us via our contact form.

Is there free car parking at Academy Espresso Bar?

    • Yes, there is a free car park at Academy Espresso Bar, Barry. This car park serves both ourselves and our neighbours in The Pumphouse building. To ensure that only visitors to these venues use this car park, customers are now asked to log their car registration upon arrival at our venue. A tablet device is situated inside the entrance. You only need to enter your car registration which is a very simple process. This needs to done within 15 minutes of arrival and PLEASE BE ACCURATE when entering your car details. Four large signs informing customers of a managed parking system are clearly displayed in the car park and reminders for customers are also placed inside and outside our venue.

    • PLEASE NOTE: The car parking at Academy Espresso Bar is not managed by ourselves and was brought in by the property management company who run The Pumphouse building, which we are tenants of. Therefore, as the car parking management has nothing to do with Academy Coffee we have no access to the reasons why your car was fined and sadly cannot help in reversing any decision 😞 If unfortunately you feel you have been issued with a fine unfairly, you will need to appeal the fine via the appeals procedure on the letter issued.

Can I reserve a table?

Do I need to wear a face covering?

    • The wearing of face coverings is not compulsory with hospitality establishments.

What are your opening hours?

  • See individual pages on this website for opening hours.

Do you have vegan/vegetarian options available?

    • Yes, we have a variety of vegan cakes available in our cafe bars every day and several vegetarian and vegan options on our menu.

Do you have any gluten free options?

    • A few of our cakes are VLG (Very Low Gluten) but have been produced from our suppliers in a way that we cannot guarantee there is absolutely no gluten. We currently have no completely gluten free options on our reduced menu.

Do you serve food at Academy 297?

  • Academy 297 is a cocktail bar. Food is limited to 'nibbles' such as bread, olives and chilli bites. On a Sunday, we serve a pre-bookable afternoon tea which is also available on other days for parties of 10 or more and subject to advanced booking.

Where can I see examples of your food and drink options and what's happening at each venue?

  • This website is regularly updated with the names and dates of street food vendors appearing at Academy Espresso Bar, along with any other events. However, if you would like to see more examples of food, drink and the day to day happenings at each venue, please refer to our social media accounts. Stories and direct feeds are regularly updated.

  • Academy Espresso Bar - Instagram / Facebook / Twitter (This includes information for Junction too)

  • Academy 297 - Instagram / Facebook

  • Academy @Platform - Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

  • Academy Training Ground - Instagram / Twitter

Is your full menu available?

    • Yes, breakfast and brunch options are available. We also have vegetarian and vegan options.

Are dogs allowed?

    • Yes, we allow friendly dogs inside our cafe bars and very much encourage it! However, I'm afraid they are not allowed into Academy 297.

Do you serve coffee in the evenings?

    • Yes, we do serve coffee and teas in the evenings at our cafe bars.

Can I pay with cash?

    • No. Since the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic, all our venues are now cashless. Credit and debit cards can be used along with Apple and Google Pay. We no longer accept Amex cards.

Does tonight's street food vendor have gluten free options?

    • You will need to contact street food vendors directly to answer this question. All of them will have a social media presence so contact them this way with any questions about their food offerings.

Are children allowed in during the evenings?

  • Children are allowed (accompanied by responsible adults). At Academy 297 we do request that children leave by 8pm.

Can I book any of your venues for a party?

  • Underground at Academy Espresso Bar is available for hire. I'm afraid we do not host 18th birthday parties. If you are interested in hiring Academy Platform in Cardiff Bay for a private party, please contact us.